the word used in brazil to define a jerk or a silly person.
hey babaca, come here.
you´re such a babaca!
a dummy, bozo, idiot, etc. literally, portuguese for “one who slobbers”. also can be used among close friends as a term of endearment.
“that babaca locked his keys in his car.”

“hey babaca! what’s up!”
person that read too much and think that is intelligent, gereraly uses word difficult compreension for to feel important. don´t survive for much time in the guetos, the other person hit he all the time, everyday.
cl-ssmate: hei guy, you can help me in these mat excersise?
babaca: yes, i don´t believe you don´t do this is very simple, i´ll put this problem in my computer and it do fast.
cl-ssmate: well, but you can explain how i do???
babaca: ha, ha, you must study more, it´s very simple man…

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