picture where words are put in somebody’s mouth in funny manner – usually using cartoon like balloons. one picture web comics.
she published killer bableh with the queen on fb.

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  • baby back

    someone who is a whiner. a friend who doesn’t want to do something because he’s scared. a p-ssy. you’re a baby back b-tch. young, pet-te, and attractive asian woman. my health club is full of babybacks. nonsense, craziness, illogical. a lie. a nicer way to say ‘bullsh-t;’ or sometimes paired with ‘bullsh-t’ for dramatic effect. […]

  • Going to IHOP

    for an offensive lineman to am-ss at least four or more ‘pancakes’ against an opposing defensive player within a single football game. this includes methods of blocking such as cut-blocks and double-teaming. “yea bro, we’re going to ihop tonight!”

  • gollish

    also can mean : holy cr-p! or wow! omg! u scared me. gollish!

  • Question mark co

    question mark co is a st. louis based film company with one soul member dylan marshall brady have you seen any of question mark co’s videos on youtube?

  • double sided dildo blocking

    the action of preventing two lesbians from hooking up; the equivalent of c-ck blocking for lesbians. stop double sided d-ld- blocking! i want you to go home so i can have s-x with my girlfriend.

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