one who supervises a tripped-out colleague in order to prevent severe damage to either the aforementioned colleague or the immediate area around said colleague
dude, it’ll be fine. i’ve got a babytripper with me.
someone who watches over someone else who is having a trip on some sort of hard drug.

a babysitter for someone who is tripping.
if you’re worried about trying lsd for the first time, you should get a baby tripper.

ryan’s never done dxm before, so he had andy keep an eye on him. he’d heard that andy’s a good baby tripper.
one who is still a virgin in the eyes of intoxication to the point of no return. once you close your eyes you see a barrage of shapes twirling circular motions towards your retina while slowly entering your cerebral cortex and slowly begin to realize that you are not you in human form, but in fact you are a baby. basically, a nice way to say you can’t hang.
if you’re reading this and tripping out, you are probably a baby tripper.

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