Back rest

a support used to rest one’s back.
historical examples

next i filled one of the rawhide panniers with brush, and lashed it across jones’ neck for a back rest.
a man in the open roger poc-ck

for a moment or two the girl sat with her head against the back rest of the sofa, completely relaxed.
behind the green door mildred a. wirt

push the back rest up till the b-tt of the turning tool (ground to a rounded point) rests against the concave grinding tool.
on laboratory arts richard threlfall

we found comfortable seats on a long box with a bale as a back rest, and the governor sent two chairs for the ladies.
the luck of thirteen jan gordon

joshua lake put his head against the back rest of the chair and closed his eyes.
the big tomorrow paul lohrman

a strong, healthy girl will no more need cushions and canoe-chairs than a boy, but a back rest is not always to be despised.
on the trail lina beard and adelia belle beard

inside hung big baskets of wild growth; there was a wide swinging seat, with a back rest, supported by heavy chains.
the harvester gene stratton porter

he switched to the vacated place with the back rest and began to whistle to himself.
skippy bedelle owen johnson

the tool for the back rest is here obviously turned upside down.
modern machine-shop practice, volumes i and ii joshua rose

a back rest would throw one forward in a frontward lurch, and give no support in case of a backward one.
sand doom william fitzgerald jenkins

a support for the back of something

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