when someone takes a sh-t in the back part of the toilet (the cistern), resulting in poo particles in the bowl when flushed. normally done to someone you dislike!
1) oh no, some one has done done a backlogger! there is sh-t everywhere!

2) dude, i backlogged that b-tch at the party last night!

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    when someone believes that the car in front of them is following them by knowing their destination and going the same direction they are. “dude, get your knife ready i am pretty sure this guy is backwards following us.” “shut the f-ck up dave.”

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    the technical definition for the time in a morning that a bacon b-tty is required. usually after a night on the lash and a good lie in, and often accompanied by a brew. you: “urrrrgggggghhhhh, what time is it?” your l-ss: “2 in the afternoon.” you: “d-mn, i’ve overslept, it’s nearly bacon o’clock!”

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