the -n-l region in s-x.
bend over, time to dip into the backpoon!

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  • deep fried deep throat

    the act of a man dipping his p-n-s into deep fry batter and frying his p-n-s in a deep fryer. the man will then arouse the female and the female will deep throat the mans deep fried p-n-s. the girl deep fried deep throated me la night dude.

  • qae

    a person twice as important or beautiful as bae. used when arguing who’s girlfriend is more pretty or important. “amy is my bae.” “well chloe is my qae.”

  • first kiss

    it is the best thing in the world. it is something that u will always remember and also something that will give you a smile that will never leave your face. it is when the boy/girl that u truly love/like makes the first move and u are toooo embarr-ssed to look at him again b/c […]

  • relationship thingy

    when two people who are unable to date, are stuck in the world of: “i like you, but i can’t date you” and so they have to proceed with their relationship (intense liking, but acting like friends) until their circ-mstances change. yeah man…..his parentals said they couldn’t date so they have a relationship thingy rn.

  • fadedhomie

    that one friend who is somehow always faded, elevated, stoned, or high. usually doesn’t know how faded they are expect when asked life questions and they forget what they were talking about in the first place. a true down to earth person. the original before vintage was cool. rich homie and fadedhomie are the people […]

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