bada bing, bada boom

this “expression” can be used like the word “voila” —-> something is finished or completed…
“and bada bing, bada boom… the cake is done”.. get it? =)
a term commonly used by members of the mafia. slang for, “it’s finished; taken care of.” often it is heard in the metropolitan areas of new york, specifically brooklyn.
i just got a 15% on my geometry test. bada bing, bada boom.
an expression stating something is easy or was easy and simple to accomplish
“we just jack the beer, run to the crib, go see the b-tches, f-ck em, split, go home and sleep; bada bing bada boom nicca
it’s the drum roll that accentuates a stand-up comic’s punch line. it is often spoken to make obvious that something stated was intended to be a pun or a joke. one or the other is usually used — badabing or badaboom.
q: what instrument do fish like to play? a: a b-ss guitar. badabing, badaboom!
a phrase used to express a situation from its beginning to its end without devulging the details. a gangsta’s secret code for jacking someone.
“ya know wee go n bada bing, bada boom n we ah atta thereah….day won’t know what hit um!”
an overused expression from illiterate morons that ape pretend mafia language. usually -ssociated with b or c list ‘sellebrities’
that wise-guy wannabe kept trying to work bada bing, bada boom into the conversation, but it was apparent that he should stick to delivering pizzas
a word that a certain student at our school likes to say all the time when he is in a nervous situation or..well..any other time. he also needs to cut his f-ck-ng finger nails.
“hey you, hey you, i got a 15% on my geometry test, bada bing, bada boom”

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