bagascia frusta

mainly a vernacular expression, literally meaning “worn out prost-tute”.
to be used to refer to an unpleasant woman, in a highly scornful manner.
she’s everybody’s girl … nothing but a “worn out wh-r-” …
quella va con tutti … è solo una bagascia frusta …


– hey you! … little b-st-rd … don’t ever talk to my gal, never more! …
– who the f-ck gives a sh-t for that “bagascia frusta” worn out wh-r- of yours …


– my former wife was a real prude … she used to attend church on sundays …
– che cosa? … avrei giurato piuttosto, che fosse solo una vecchia bagascia frusta …
– what? … i would’ve rather sworn she was a d-mn “worn out wh-r- “

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