to make fun of, to insult
quit bagging on the french, it’s old.
originating from samuel whitbread community college in shefford, uk in 2011, an exquisite sport (if you will) in which the ‘bagger’ fulfils the objective – that of taking out a victims bag contents, reversing the carc-ss and re-instating the contents with the reversed material. after this has been achieved, the ‘bagger’ leaves a small note, detailing the time, date and signing – as a mark of respect. this must all take place without the victim realising until the bag is returned to its original location and they find it on their own accord.

‘master baggatiers’ p-ss down the legacy of bagging to the younger generation. in some extreme cases, things such as guitar cases, lunch boxes and even sandwiches have been bagged.
oi, will and andy, shouldn’t you be doing your work?’ ‘yes, but we are busy bagging phil!
to go out, be lovers, hook up, ect.
tyler: denise you bagging bob?

denise: you already know ~ yesterday we made out :d


bob: tyler, you tryna bag?

tyler: yesh but it’s hard she likes someone else
to use, expropriate, or take advantage of, typically without permission or authorization
no, i didn’t order any coffee, i was just bagging on their wifi.
having loads of hot s-x in one night.
gatlin did some major bagging.
an internet trend much like owling or planking, except you take pictures with bags over your heads.
a popular past-time among teenagers because it is both dangerous and stupid.
guy 1: hey dude, let’s go planking!!
guy 2: nah, man!! bagging is where it’s at!!
guy 1: cool, i’ll go grab the plastic bags and cameras!!

guy 1: so i went owling yesterday.
guy 2: you stupid f-ggot, owling is for douchebags. i went bagging with my girlfriend.
shorter word for tea bagging. like when in an online game and you kil an other person u sit on there head lots of times so it looks like a tea bag…..
player 1: ooo i just got killed and hes bagging me the tw-t
player 2: hehehehe that will teach him to glitch the sh-t face…

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