the crevice behind your ear where the back of the ear meets the head/neck skin.
1. she walked into the room wearing a beautiful blue dress, her green eyes glimmered in the moonlight as she tucked her curly black hair behind her bagina.
2. gadzooks! my bagina got too much sun; do you have any aloe cream?
3. my brother used to box my ears, so i had to ice my swollen baginas.
4. let’s have a contest to see how many strangers’ baginas we can lick. don’t worry it’s a social experiment.
5. your bagina is special. know it, love it; you only have one. except you have two.
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seeing the v-g-n- from the b-tt
while doing it doggie style pete yells out, “nice bagina”!
derived from word for the mysterious female s-x organ, produces a great many more giggles than saying v-g-n-

must be said with austrailian accent
bajiona! ha ha ha

whud ya luk it thut bajiona! hha haha ha
how little kids pr-nounce ‘v-g-n-‘.
boys habba benis! girls habba bagina!
a v-g-n-, with excess baggage.
“man, she’s such a bagina, always wet with sadness.”
the final product of medically transforming one’s b-lls-ck into a v-g-n-. (noun)
to bagine (verb) the act of creating a bagina from one’s b-llsack
baginal (adjective) pertaining to one’s bagina
i was bangin that hooker when i realized that she had a bagina!
when a dog has been neutered and still has a small amount of leftover skin that is the shape of a v-g-n-
i wish my dog max would stop licking his bagina.
bagina: a word created by mexicans instead of v-g-n-. because of the v they can’t say it
ex. pablo, did you see that v-g-n-?

si senor, that bagina was sooooo goooood.

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