often confused with laughter on the internet, “bahaha” is actually the sound a sheep makes when it’s getting shot with a machine gun
sheep getting shot with a machine gun: “bahahahahahaha!”
the best laughter for online conversations (facebook chat, aim, msn, etc.) sure beats lol or haha. can be used like bahahahaha! or baha, or bwhahaha!, or bahahaha!, but if you over use it, people will think you are on drugs or somthing.
tommy: have you seen the demented cartoon movie on
betty: bahahaha!!! yes! it is pretty much my life
tommy: oh, pathedic
betty: bahahahaha! yesh
tommy; oh, uh g2g
betty: bahahaha okay! bye! bahaha!

evil laughter. often accompanied by a thrown back head and a point.
krissy tripped into the drain today. bahahahaha
a really cool word for ‘lol’
bahaha, you suck ya stupid f-ggot
1. laughing hysterically while making fun of something. often used after “inside jokes.”
we like to play on the toys bahaha
exaggerated laughing (figuratively speaking)
often used texting someone

bahahaa that was hillarious ,

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