when u and your best friend have s-x
hey john you what to go bailarin

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  • gymittment

    commitment to the gym life. my buddy and i have gymittment !

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    a bad-ss call of duty zombies map made by our lord jason blundell. in it you play as 3 epic gangsters and one whiney b-tch called the weasel. it takes place on alcatraz island and you can feed dogs in the walls to get a tomahawk. crimson: hey have you played mob of the dead? […]

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    to perform the superdeluxeultramegasuperiordirtysanchez you must consume a large quant-ty of taco bell or any sh-tty mexican food and find your victim spread your b-tt cheeks and try to am for his upper lip, then proceed to get rid of any excess sh-t and then try to make a mustache out of the sh-t. oh […]

  • spicy alarm clock

    when you are woken up by a hand job my monday morning improved significantly when susan woke me up with a spicy alarm clock.

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