(noun) when nature plots to deceive one or screw with ones mind, or otherwise displays quite an irony.
“there were b-tterflies and fireflys buzzing around the nuclear research facility in a spectacular display of baiture.”

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  • bakaa

    j-panese for “stupid”, used to playfully insult someone or yourself for committing a silly act. typically used by those who watches too much anime. “bakaa! the movie i wanted to watch don’t involve tentacles!” a bird-like noise, to symbolize happiness or ecstaticness “bakaa! i found my underwear!”

  • bakan

    also: bacan, bkn in chile, when something’s good, like cool a: ¡mi pololo me regaló un celular nuevo! b: ¡que bakan! a: my boyfriend gave me a new cell-phone! b: how bakan!

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    romanian word describing a state of general confusion. also used to describe a mental inst-tution. romanian only : luni dimineata, un birou oarecare : 1 angajat munceste, unu vorbeste la telefon, alti 3 rad de cel care munceste. seful intra: “ce e balamucul asta??”

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