b-llsandwich is a term that means, when taken superficially, any and every situation in which there are any variety of b-lls pressed up against two or more other objects, but to take the word in this light would be a misnomer. b-llsandwich is a transcendental idea that represents everything distasteful in the mind of a college male. as such, b-llsandwich is not divided up into discrete units, but instead exists as a continuum, like soup. a person can have some b-llsandwich, but when referring to the plurl of b-llsandwich (b-llsandwii), one must be discussing more than one cl-ss of b-llsandwich. for example, someone can want b-llsandwich, but if they want two or more distinct kinds of b-llsandwich, the person is correct in asking for b-llsandwii.
ryan: adam, i’m feeling very hungry, wanna go get some lunch?
adam: ryan, you’re such a tool and i hate you. go eat some b-llsandwich.
ryan: adam, i really don’t like you, and one of these days i’m going to kill you.
adam: on second thought ryan, you should eat b-llsandwii, and throw yourself off a cliff.
ryan: thanks adam, i’m so glad i’m rooming with you.

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