when all cognitive and physical behavior flow from the ball sack instead of the brain.
that was a real b-llsaneous move you made when you boinked that stripper in front of her kids in the back of the her chevy suburban.

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    a word that you use when you don’t care what your saying i got banneded

  • Belgian Corner

    a bearded transvest-te prost-tute, only to be used in the direst of circ-mstances. “sometimes there’s a convention in town and all you can grab is a belgian corner.” “don’t knock it until you try it.”

  • Binoy'd

    -to be completely ignored – to get taken – he got completely binoy’d by that girl. – we binoy’d him so bad.

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    (pr-nounced bih-soosin bisusan often refers to a teacher that gives a troubled student a detention even though it is not, or partially their fault and gives the detention without even listening to the students side of the story, often is also a person who believes that rape is the victims fault. he hit me in […]

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    when your b-tches speak, and or when they complain are being annoying that is the language they are speaking “dude your a dum -ss” ” sorry i can’t understand you, why don’t you try speaking english instead of b-tchanees

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