a person who has enough cash on him to buy anything at anytime. he is a balr
person: gaz when did you get that laferrari ?
gaz: i bought it on the way here

person : what a balr!

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  • babalouche

    one who possess a large scr-t-m (b-lls), much larger in comparison to his or her p-n-s. that guy had a babalouche, he was all potatoes and no sausage.

  • throne n bone

    the act of having s-xual intercourse while trying to watch game of thrones. girl: “wanna have s-x?” guy: “but game of thrones is on!” girl: “it’s either now or never!” guy: “well, i suppose we could throne n’ bone.”

  • sugar punk

    a lesbian term referring to girls who dress punk/grunge but have slightly shy or introverted personalities. girl a: yo, she looks pretty hot. you think she’s a top? girl b: nah, she’s a total sugar punk. i bet you twenty bucks she’s a bottom.

  • sand wh*r*

    that one person at the beach who takes up way too much sp-ce and doesn’t even use it. person 1: you see jenny over there person 2: yeah she’s such a sand wh-r-

  • guyfu

    a male waifu; a waifu that is a man and obsessed over to the same degree as a female waifu alternative spelling: gaifu “haru chan from free! is my guyfu.”

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