black american monarch;an affluent american of african ancestry. your typical b.a.m grew up nicely in new york, atlanta,chicago or los angeles, went to an expensive prep school and graduated from a top tier university.
“the smith twins are such they both got into columbia. their dads a legacy so i’m not even surprised.”
“the obamas are such fu–in”
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scottish colloquial. means below average mentality. see also ned and min.
“ah’m nae a bam, like!”
an exclamation used to express extreme excitement or happiness (often times resulting from some sort of accomplishment).

see also bam sucka!
see also booyah!
“yo fool, i just got us the chron!”


originates from scotland
possibly short for bampot
glaswegian – git it up ye! ya spazzy bam!!

english – ha ha! you are a spazzy idiot!
i scottish lowlife who has nothing better to do all day than hang “aroond we me pals” and throw gl-ss bottles around the place!
“wit – u sayin im a bam?”
most commonly used as an interjection or an adjective but can be used as any part of speech.

definitions include but are not limited to:
1: (adj) awesome, cool, exciting, the best thing in the world

2: (interjection) term used that is usually accompanied by successful feelings and excitement

3: (noun) explosion or strong contact (i.e. a punch)

4: (verb) to have s-x

5: bam is a unique word in that it can replace just about any word you could ever imagine
1: the babes here are soooo bam!!
2: bam!! that was such a tasty dinner!!
3: -bam! bam bayum boom boom bam!!!-
4: dude jorge did you bam her?!?
5: g-d bamit i hate traffic!!
a word that emeril lag-sse says when flicking on a spice.
bam! now we’ll let this simmer…
scottish slang. refers to persons behaviour. daft, nutter, nuts, silly, “not right in head”.
when someone joins a snapped cd with sticky tape and loads it into the cd drive. after a moment of some unhealthy noises, the person looks at you and asks “do you think it’s broken?”. this person is commonly referred to as a bam!

these people exist and yes, he also managed to screw a perfectly good cd drive…

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