-n-l. to use the word -n-l without people thinking you are talking about -n-l.
i’d love to get some b-n-l tonight.
boring. overfamiliar through overuse. bromidic.
jim: you are b-n-l and bromidic. i do not wish for your company.
sally: what?
jim: get lost.
adjective, describes something that is intended to be creative and/or thought-provoking, but is really just kind of unoriginal, pretentious, and stupid.
i like most of the doors’ music, but jim morrison’s poetry is just plain b-n-l.
stale and unoriginal.
way to remember it
-n-l is unoriginal and stale therefore
yolo is such a b-n-l saying
an adjective, describes something lacking in originality, obvious and boring.
commonplace, unimaginative.
-n-l with banana is b-n-l.
as boring as sitting on the toilet with nothing to read.
me: “did you go to the golf tournament today?”
you: “yes,omigosh,it was so b-n-l”
while going at it missionary style, pop two t-st-cl-s in the -n-s of your female companion. doing so makes a loud pop sound upon insertion.
hey baby wanna do b-n-l tonight? give my b-lls something to do too…
when used in text messaging b-n-l means
beating a n-gg-rs -ss laughing
it is mainly used by n-gg-rs because
lol isn’t ghetto/gangster enough for them
flygurl384113: 2dai i b3at di5 lil trik5 a$$ in t-rd p3ri3d kuz she skufed my kiks


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