Banker’s Dozen

the opposite of a baker’s dozen where the customer receives 13 of a product for the price of 12; in a banker’s dozen the customer receives 11 of the product for the price of 12
hector was surprised to find only 11 gl-sses in his gift of 12 gl-sses that he received from the bank. later, hector learned that the bank offers a banker’s dozen in their gifts and products, in which they steal one item.
the term refers to the culture of leaving work at mid-day, to go to a nearby pub and have a dozen alcoholic drinks or shots, until the evening, before leaving for home. it is also considered common-practice to put the bill on the corporate credit cards.

the term originates in view of the exorbitant, careless, even behaviour usually characterised by bankers and traders, at the expense of their clients. it is also often called a trader’s dozen.
it’s a friday, let’s do a banker’s dozen with the team.
less than you actually wanted; banks will typically rip you off and rob you of your money, hence the term.
chad:”dude i told them i needed five pizzas at my house by 6 o’clock, and they only gave me four, and they still charged me for five! there was no time to get another one, f-ckin’ rip offs!”

flynn:”sounds like they gave you a bankers dozen bro”.

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