a word derived from combining “banker” and “gangster”.

– a private bank that engages in illegal, deceitful, or unethical practices for profit at the expense of their customers or -ssociates.
1. the banksters at goldman sachs promoted and sold shady mortgage back securities to their clients which resulted in huge losses.

2. i really hate banksters because they only care about making profits for their shareholders and receiving those huge bonuses.

3. our banksters are gambling with depositors’ money by buying very risky derivatives.

a portmanteau or blend word derived from combining “banker” and “gangster.” usually referred to in the plural form “banksters” to refer to a predatory element within the financial services industry, such as those offering “too good to be true” adjustable mortgage rates for home buyers
“the banksters just foreclosed on my mom’s mcmansion, and now she’s living in her suv.”
a portmanteau of “banker” and “gangster”, popularized by (among others) the economist murray n. rothbard, used by him to attack what he held to be the inherently fraudulent nature of fractional-reserve banking (as opposed to 100% gold reserve banking, which he defended as the only honest form of banking). frequently used in reference to the fed.

in more recent popular usage, often refers in a vague way to the forces of “wall street”, or to those persons in the financial services industry who grow rich despite the continued impoverishment of those who depend on their services, and despite their apparent inability to succeed in business without constant government -ssistance.
“the fed is an organized cartel of banksters, who are creating inflation, ripping off the public, destroying the savings of the average american.”

“the banksters crashed the economy, but thanks to generous federal bailouts, they won’t have to sacrifice their fat bonuses.”
a portmanteau of the words “banker” and “gangster.” these are intergral to the capitalist system. while the nightly news might have you believe that young black and latino men with 9mm’s are the biggest threat to your life, banksters are far more dangerous. while a gangster might steal your posessions with a knife or a gun, a bankster will steal your possesiions with a pen, paper and “legal” (read “unjust”) mumbo-jumbo snakeoil bullsh-t.
bankster: any member of the financial services industry; primarilly interested with the welfare of the capitalist cl-ss and their lackeys.
all the the ceos of banks like goldman-sachs, aig,who lined their own pockets first, when the economy was starting to crumble, then foreclosed on small town america
we can’t get a line of credit from the bank anymore, the banksters are keeping it for themselves.
the federal reserve bank is supposedly a bank started in 1913 by the usa govt for the people – this is now a myth.

the federal reserve bank is a privately owned and controlled organisation that now has to continuously print more and more money to devalue the dollar in order to cover the cost of printing and distributing that dollar in the first place.

these “banksters” then loan the money they make back to the american people + interest in order for bush to finance war on terror.

it is estimated that around 30% of the average americans wages is taken out of their pay check every year to pay the irs for taxes that go to pay “interest” on the national defecit owed to the federal reserve bank, none of this money goes towards schools, hospitals, or infrastructure.

there is no law that actually enforces you to pay this tax, everyone just pays it because they think they have to.

these banksters are sure raking it in, from the blood, sweat and tears of americans!

ah well, back to the tv with you to watch more fox news….
a portmanteau of “banksy” and “gangster” meaning a person who engages in graffiti for artistic or personal reasons rather that gang related motives. banksters usually use stencils rather than ordinary bombing. the bankster is a subcategory of the vandal.
“did you see the stencil that got put up on d-ckson?”

“yea it was straight up bankster!”

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