is a valuable manoeuver for fingering your woman.

the pinky finger goes up the p–p chute, your ring finger does nothing, then the middle and index go up the gash, while the thumb plays with the cl-t. trust me, sh-ll love it!
ooohhhh baracuda
inserting the index and ring finger (whilst crossed) into a female vag, whilst inserting the liittle finger into the -rs- hole and the thumb stimulates the cl-terous!
me and my ex girl friend fondly used the baracuda
1. a type of fish
2. the supremely effective -rg-smic inducing act of inserting the fore and ring fingers into a females p-ssy whilst the little finger tickles and/or penetrates her nether hole – put simply ‘two in the pink, one in the stink’.
hey sweety pie, im having a little trouble coming, try for a little penetration… no no, two in the pink, one in the stink… oh yeh, baracuda me oh yes oh yes oh baracuda you feel so good…
a younger woman searching for older men, the opposite of a cougar.
man she is such a baracuda, her boyfriend is 35 and she’s only 17.
when you make a hand gesture like spider man when he makes his spidey web. but instead of making a spidey web you inster your index finger in the v-g-n-, pinky finger in the -n-s and rub the cl-t with the thumb.
one in the pinkie, one in the stinkie!
– the pinkie hole is the v-g-n-
– the stinkie is the -n-s

wow i really enjoyed giving my dog rosie the baracuda last night
another way to say “oh really?” in a downward condescending tone, but sounds less downward and less condescending
you: hey i think i failed that chem test.
friend: baracuda
the act of licking a pet-te woman’s -n-s and v-g-n- in one swipe of the tongue.
given her pet-te frame, eileen was the perfect candidate for a baracuda.

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