a shrub of the genus berberis, especially b. vulgaris, having yellow flowers in elongated cl-sters.
compare barberry family.
the red, elongated, acid fruit of this shrub.
historical examples

in the younger, wavy branches of the barberry the spines are straighter or more diverging.
the romance of plant life g. f. scott elliot

if barberry jelly is not to be obtained, use some other kind.
the community cook book anonymous

all these forms have of course their aecidium-stage on the barberry.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 11, slice 3 various

the bottom of hawthorn hedges may be conveniently thickened, by putting in some plants of common sweet briar, or barberry.
the cook and housekeeper’s complete and universal dictionary; including a system of modern cookery, in all its various branches, mary eaton

in some leaves, as in the barberry, the veins are hardened, producing spines without any parenchyma.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 16, slice 3 various

if you would have the barberry, you must move the pasture itself.
in the open stanton davis kirkham

berberis is the barberry, so well known by its beautiful pendent berries.
the amateur garden george w. cable

barberry may still be around, and if that is so we want to surprise him.
young auctioneers edward stratemeyer

it does not grow in bunches like our barberry, but here and there two or three together about the stalk.
a general history and collection of voyages and travels, vol. viii. robert kerr

if you really want to come to the laboratory, mrs. barberry, we ought to be off.
hilda sarah jeanette duncan

noun (pl) -ries
any spiny berberidaceous shrub of the widely distributed genus berberis, esp b. vulgaris, having cl-sters of yellow flowers and orange or red berries: widely cultivated as hedge plants
the fruit of any of these plants

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