a male given name.
contemporary examples

he had made an arrangement with barclay h. warburton, owner of the philadelphia evening telegraph.
the stacks: h.l. mencken on the 1904 baltimore fire h.l. mencken october 3, 2014

now, a young actor has a choice: “i have a practiced line,” barclay said of the advice he gives.
can an action star be gay? tricia romano october 23, 2011

despite a burning sense of scottish pride, barclay, 73, said he was worried about the economy.
scots must choose heart or head nico hines september 17, 2014

“my heart wants to vote yes,” barclay said, shaking his head wistfully.
scots must choose heart or head nico hines september 17, 2014

historical examples

barclay struck it sharply with the cane, and it fell writhing on the bed, its spine broken.
the elephant g-d gordon c-sserly

mistress barclay, i come from the presence of the indian woman appointed to die.
curious, if true elizabeth gaskell

“that ought to be a pleasure, madam,” said barclay politely.
the master of the ceremonies george manville fenn

barclay de tolly was quartered nearly three miles from the emperor.
war and peace leo tolstoy

as barclay spoke in this abrupt way to him, he started and stared wildly at the speaker.
the master of the ceremonies george manville fenn

but as barclay did not inspire confidence his power was limited.
war and peace leo tolstoy

alexander. c. 1475–1552, english poet. his works include the ship of fools (1509) and eclogues (c. 1513–14)

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