a spin-off of the word hardcore, used, when referring to p-rnography, to refer to a movie that was made with a shakespearean play as the original plot.
dude, i just saw my first bardcore movie, “a midsummer’s night cream!”
a group of shakespearean fanatics so into the whole bard thing that they communicate in rhyming couplets.
percy: let’s bid farewell these saucy tarts,
lest love’s arrows pierce too-eager hearts.

chris: hey – cut that bardcore sh-t will ya? we just hooked up with this fine pair of honeys, and you wanna leave da club already??!?
the h-m-s-xual version of hardcore.
judy: you’re hardcore!
george: na, i’m bardcore.
judy: oh, you like guys?
george: yep

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