slapping a girl in the bar
i so want to bargleslap her

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  • basity

    a stupid girl who speaks proudly about what she does. you basity. for f-cks sake stop being so stubborn.

  • bed puddle

    a gathering of c-m that forms in the sheets following s-x or a really steamy dream. it often leads to sheets being washed or if feeling exceptionally shameful, burned. girl: you b-tthole, you had me land in a bed puddle!!! me: i’ll start the fire.

  • bfflam

    best friend for like a minute we were bfflam before she told me she likes the same guy as me

  • binkzy

    a b-tchboy that can’t do anything for himself. he plays xbox all day and gets no b-tches. a d-mn loser. look like caillou with a backwards bowl cut. “binkzy why can’t you get b-tches by yourself?”

  • black zebra

    a white guy c-mming on a black girls back smearing it as stripes i gave her a black zebra last night

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