the s-xiest of the male voicings within the realm of choral music. it is just above the b-ss range. abbreviated- bari
did you hear that bari bust that c. man i want him!!!
band instrument. in concert band, it looks something like a smaller version of the tuba. only slightly different than the euphonium (a baritone has more cylindrical tubing while a euphonium’s tubing is more conical in shape.) in marching band, it resembles a “trumpet on steroids.” great instrument, often played by very interesting people.
that baritone section sure knows how to make a rich, meaty low br-ss sound.
the b-st-rd sp-wn of the tuba and trombone.
bob: i’m a baritone player.
tom: baritone? what’s that?
bob: uh. well. just think of it as a small tuba…
the medium male singing voice in opera and non-cl-ssical music (although in choir, baritones must either choose the tenor or b-ss part). baritones in opera have a range from g2 (the second g below middle c) to g4 (above middle c). this is the most common male voice type.

sitting between the tenor and b-ss, the baritone typically plays supporting roles (fathers, older men, servants, friends of the hero) as well as the villain: corrupt legal authorities, evil prison wardens, and other nasty characters. often teamed with the mezzo-soprano.

many pop singers and broadway singers are baritones, although the vocal categories used in opera are not applied to them. examples include robert goulet, elvis presley, mark salling, michael buble, bruce springsteen, jim morrison, ringo starr, eddie vedder, john cougar mellencamp, david lee roth, bing crosby, frank sinatra, nat king cole, neil diamond, david bowie, jimi hendrix, eric clapton, johnny cash, tim curry, philip quast, and leonard cohen
according to vocal weight/voice type, baritones are divided into at least four subcategories:

lyric baritone: a light, mellow voice without the harshness of the dramatic baritones, he usually plays the comic relief. examples include thomas allen, thomas hampson, robert merrill, simon keenlyside, and nathan gunn.

cavalier baritone: a lyric baritone with a strong dramatic edge, albeit not a true dramatic voice. plays powerful, virile characters. this is not a common voice.

verdi baritone: subset of the dramatic baritone, specializing in roles by giuseppe verdi; should have strong high notes and lots of squillo (“ping”). examples include t-to gobbi, leonard warren, carlos alvarez, and dmitry hvorostovsky.

dramatic baritone: a powerful, rich, full, sometimes harsh voice reserved for many villains in opera. examples include juan pons, norman bailey, and tom krause.

b-ss-baritone: coming in both lyric and dramatic timbres, this voice combines the depth of the b-ss with the tessitura of the baritone. examples include bryn terfel, george london, and hans hotter.
someone with a big–ss range in their voice.
anthony kiedis
male voice part higher than the b-ss and lower than the tenor. for many years thought to derive from “baron of tone”, that being a good and n-bel thing. later historical investigation concludes that the true derivation is from “barren of tone” circa 1937 society for the preservation and encouragement of barbershop quartet singing in america (that’s right, spebqsa) notes that those compelled to sing the “baritone line” are strangely attracted to do so by the absence of melodic interest and frequent awkward intervals.
1937 audience member 1 – did you hear that guy on the end standing next to the b-ss?

audience member 2 – oh yeah, what was that guy trying to do?

audience member 1 – maybe he’s the baritone?

audience member 2 – don’t know, but he was certainly barren of tone!
a third-world country that borders kenya. it has a rich history of unkown-ness, and the few who do know about it discriminate baritone’s people. they have faced many hardships, including famine, drought, slow internet, and date rape. baritone’s main export is terrible sounds, test tube babies, and crystal meth. baritone is overall a rich, diverse country that is only accessible to those who know how to play a double-octave bflat concert scale perfectly. you must then hop on a motorcycle, drive across the atlantic ocean to the cape of good hope, and then meet a mexican dwarf named tyler. he will then dig you an underground tunnel right into the heart of the glorious country of baritone. you may leave baritone any time by just saying the words, “i know what a baritone is!” you will then arrive on your neighbors doorstep.
tyler: “what’s a baritone?”
lindsay: “it’s a third-world country that borders kenya.”
tyler: “can we visit?!”

lindsay: “off to baritone!!!!”

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