barlait is a band originated in northern michigan that has found success by sucking off major promoters in order to book shows and open for signed bands. their band consists of jeremy, he demands the use of an outboard vocal corrector to give his voice that ‘sound’. dan, who is almost 20 but he looks like a 15 year old emo kid and happens to be balding. the other dan is the guitar player, always bringing everybody down and complaining that when his girlfriend gives him head she cuts his schl-ng with her teeth. steven picked up guitar to be in the band and it shows. he insists on using a 5150 through a marshall mg series cabinet which sounds like god-awful cr-p. finally theres jordan, he’s just plain strange. all together they practice in this ghetto–ss house’s bas-m-nt and wake the dead with their generic powerpop/emo music that could put anyone to sleep.
hey, have you heard barlait?

yeah, they made my dog defecate.

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