stands for bad -ss right now.
i’m so barn.
one who latches on to someone superior to them (the hull)
short for barnacle
can also describe an opponent easily beaten.
thanks, barn, for the bye.
that barn gave him everything he needed for ptno
barn is a term used by collectible card gamers. it is short for barnacle. a barn is someone that latches on to someone they admire or aspire to be like. the alpha male/female (hull) in any group will have many barns. the barns will flatter their hull and do their hull’s bidding.
“ever since i won cash on the magic pro tour, i have infy barns”

“these barns are latching on to the stevedore of my success”

“i got this super rare card for free from one of my barns.”
the groin and all parts -ssociated with the groin. includes all words which make it sound terrible, including, soupy, dirty, sloppy, swampy, wet, flooded, firey, untamed. can be combined with yard to imply general area.
nyssa has a soupy barn.

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