pertaining to a baron or barony or to the order of barons.
befitting a baron:
living in baronial splendor.
historical examples

the staff of upper and under keepers -ssemble with a large train of beaters before the baronial gateway.
blackwood’s edinburgh magazine, vol. 60, no. 374, december, 1846 various

such was the home which this n-ble man had cheerfully accepted in exchange for the baronial splendors of his ancestors.
the adventures of the chevalier de la salle and his companions, in their explorations of the prairies, forests, lakes, and rivers, of the new world, and their interviews with the savage tribes, two hundred years ago john s. c. abbott

perhaps we ought also to except the baronial castle of home.
minstrelsy of the scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3) walter scott

he too worships fire; most faithful, broad, baronial v-ssal of the sun!
moby d-ck; or the whale herman melville

there was a city ordinance that no one except royal attendants, baronial valets, and city officials were to go about armed.
our legal heritage, 5th ed. s. a. reilly

the alternatives were, rather, strong monarchy and baronial anarchy.
the governments of europe frederic austin ogg

there had been no serious civil war since the baronial rising of 1173.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 9, slice 5 various

may it not be the baronial castle of “old leather breeches” himself?
the citizen-soldier john beatty

he entertained in baronial style, but without ostentation or prodigality, and on old-fashioned dishes.
beacon lights of history, volume xiii john lord

viewed from a distance, they seemed to be a baronial stronghold.
with the black prince william osborn stoddard

of, relating to, or befitting a baron or barons

1767, from baron + -ial.

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