justo rufino
[hoo-staw roo-fee-naw] /ˈhu stɔ ruˈfi nɔ/ (show ipa), 1835–85, guatemalan statesman: president of guatemala 1873–85.
(in spain and countries colonized by spain) one of the divisions into which a town or city, together with the contiguous rural territory, is divided.
a part of a large u.s. city, especially a crowded inner-city area, inhabited chiefly by a spanish-speaking population.
contemporary examples

in the barrios of los angeles the gangsters get the most props and respect.
the mexican mafia is the daddy of all street gangs seth ferranti december 10, 2014

barrios sentenced the general to 50 years imprisonment for genocide and another 30 years for crimes against humanity.
guatemalan dictator efrain rios montt guilty of genocide mac margolis may 13, 2013

historical examples

tampoco se hallan estos comercios en los barrios ms concurridos.
heath’s modern language series: the spanish american reader ernesto nelson

but the faction barrios joined needed to fear no political betrayal.
nostromo: a tale of the seaboard joseph conrad

barrios is drinking himself to death in jovial company away somewhere on his fundacion beyond the bolson de tonoro.
nostromo: a tale of the seaboard joseph conrad

her second son, jaime, had just gone off on the staff of barrios.
nostromo: a tale of the seaboard joseph conrad

the silver mines, which for three generations of barrios had been the basis of their fortune, were in a still worse situation.
the enemies of women vicente blasco ibez

when i return in triumph, as you say, with barrios, i may find you all destroyed.
nostromo: a tale of the seaboard joseph conrad

a man named barrios had often informed against the insurgents, and he was condemned to death.
cuba arthur d. hall

but nothing was accomplished because barrios and the president of salvador were soon at loggerheads.
the hispanic nations of the new world william r. shepherd

noun (pl) -rios
a spanish-speaking quarter in a town or city, esp in the us
a spanish-speaking community

1841, “ward of a spanish or spanish-speaking city,” sometimes also used of rural settlements, from spanish barrio “district, suburb,” from arabic barriya “open country” (fem.), from barr “outside” (of the city). main modern sense of “spanish-speaking district in a u.s. city” is 1939; original reference is to spanish harlem in new york city.

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