the best little city in oklahoma. the firendlist people you will ever meet. often overlooked due to its funny name and small size. don’t forget to go to the woolaroc wildlife preserve!!
joe: dude, i’m going to bartlesville next week.
john: where the h-ll is that?
joe: it’s this awesome town in oklahoma!!
• a boring place that has a very small mall and needs a chick-fil-a.

• is mostly a flat land town.

• has about 17,110 (47.4%) males
• and 18,958 (52.6%) females
bob- the town we went to was sooo boring! i forgot what it was called though.

john- bartlesville!
a small town near tulsa oklahoma. has a small mall, is made up of a lot of churches and retirement homes. is a “retirement community”. home of conoco phillips and will rogers as well as woolaroc museum. has absolutely nothing for kids here. can’t hang out at the mall, park closes at dark, and you get in trouble for loitering at the park. home to many many drug dealers and a couple homeless people that like to walk around the wal-mart and mcdonalds. claims to be a “great school district”. that is not always the case. if you move here, do not let your children attend the boys and girls club, they will be beat up and bullied, while being ignored by the workers.
bartlesville sucks. it was boring and is only good for old people.

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