Basal anaesthesia

preliminary and incomplete anaesthesia induced to prepare a surgical patient for total anaesthesia with another agent

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  • Basal body

    a cylindrical organelle, within the cytoplasm of flagellated and ciliated cells, that contains microtubules and forms the base of a flagellum or cilium: identical in internal structure to a centriole. basal body n. a cellular organelle -ssociated with the formation of cilia and flagella and resembling the centriole in structure. also called basal granule.

  • Basal anesthesia

    basal anesthesia basal anesthesia n. parenteral administration of one or more sedatives to produce a state of depressed consciousness short of a general anesthesia.

  • Basal cell carcinoma

    a common and usually curable skin cancer that arises from epithelial cells and rarely metastasizes: often -ssociated with overexposure to sunlight. noun a slow-growing malignant but usually non-metastasizing skin cancer, mainly occurring in sun-damaged skin of the elderly and fair-skinned; also called basal cell epithelioma , rodent ulcer usage note medicine basal cell carcinoma n. […]

  • Basal cell

    any cell situated at the base of a multilayered tissue, as at the lowest layer of the epidermis. historical examples the antheridium consists at first of a basal cell and a terminal one. elements of structural and systematic botany douglas houghton campbell b, formation of the first spore-mother-cell (sm), from the basal cell (a) of […]

  • Basal cell epithelioma

    noun see basal cell carcinoma

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