when a guy steals another dude’s chick
guy 1: d-mn n-gg- i saw you with her yesterday, now she’s with seth?
guy 2: yeah that n-gg- based me ngl
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is when you dont care what people think
its a way of life
doing what you want
how u want
wearing what u want
the lv book bag looks gay on you
idc im based
having many girls, being a mansion, swagging to the maximum, and looking like jesus. it’s a way of life. not caring what people think, living in a mansion, doing what you want,

how you want. wearing what you want. thereupon, lil b, the based god, is the god off all the above events.
“omg based god you swag to the maximum, you can f-ck my b-tch based god”

“call me black ken” #based
#based is all about being yourself and not caring what anybody else thinks. if you followed lil b the basedg-d on twitter you’d know he’s actually a very deep person who constantly talks about being yourself and staying positive. people like myself know what he’s doing. he could have easily follow the other thousands of rappers that try to sound like lil wayne but he didn’t.
your pink g-shock makes you look gay. idc im based
fake word used as an adjective to refer to something as the highest level of cool. equivalent to swag + pimp + hood.
alexis: sh-t , that gold chain is clean as f-ck!!!

marcos: sh-t’s h-lla based!!!


joseph kendrick
wow joseph kendrick you are so based
b – itches

a – nd

s – ex

e – very

d – ay
#based god
lil b is the #basedg-d!!
meaning that you are all right/good
homie 1: are u aite der bwoi
homie 2: ye im based

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