baseball. the area between bases within which a base runner must keep when running from one base to another.
tennis. the line at each end of a tennis court, parallel to the net, that marks the in-bounds limit of play.
(in perspective drawing) a horizontal line in the immediate foreground formed by the intersection of the ground plane and the picture plane.
a basic standard or level; guideline:
to establish a baseline for future studies.
a specific value or values that can serve as a comparison or control.
typography. the imaginary line on which the bottoms of primary letters align.
surveying, see under triangulation (def 1).
electronics. a horizontal or vertical line formed on the face of a cathode-ray tube by the sweep of the scanning dot.
naval architecture. a line on the body plan or sheer plan of a hull, representing a horizontal reference plane for vertical dimensions.
basic or essential.
contemporary examples

try tying this to something you learned in your baseline -ssessment.
fitness tracker 101: everything you need to know about your new gadget megan humphreys december 26, 2013

a system to ensure that providers have a baseline competency in the areas where they choose to practice makes sense to me.
rand paul and the certification racket russell saunders august 10, 2014

the baseline (a measurement of emotional stability) is constantly shifting, reflecting strong mood swings.
-n-lyzing michael jackson’s handwriting arlyn imberman july 23, 2009

“there is a baseline agreement when it comes to campus rape: the current system is failing these students,” she added.
feminism has gone too far lizzie crocker november 20, 2014

women have learned to operate with a baseline level of fear, one that dips or peaks depending on our surroundings.
apps and online programs offer new ways to report street har-ssment tessa miller april 1, 2014

historical examples

anyway, he knocked it straight down the third baseline and fooled the journals rivals, for their fielders were not on duty.
joan of the journal helen diehl olds

on the 17th a baseline was laid down on the plateau, and blake was able to commence his survey of the island.
the home of the blizzard douglas mawson

meanwhile his baseline had been extended twenty miles to the westto near noyon.
new york times current history: the european war, vol. 8, pt. 2, no. 1, july 1918 various

the crescent rests on a baseline formed by the slowly-proceeding line of women, children, and baggage-horses.
at home with the patagonians george chaworth musters

with two tracers, separated on a baseline of a few million kilometers, we can plot position closely.
evil out of onzar mark ganes

(surveying) a measured line through a survey area from which triangulations are made
an imaginary line, standard of value, etc, by which things are measured or compared
a line at each end of a tennis court that marks the limit of play

also base-line, 1750, originally in surveying, from base (n.) + line (n.). baseball diamond sense is from 1867. baseline estimate in use by 1983.

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