means they are so werthless. many people confuse then for peasants and feed them change thinking they pewr.
ben is basic as ph-ck.
an adjective used to describe any person, place, activity involving obscenely obvious behavior, dress, action.


transparent motives.
pat was trying to f-ck that drunk girl – so basic.

shelby was showing off her t-ts for attention – f-cking basic.
of or relating to a chemical composition which is alkali: with a ph above neutral.
calcium carbonate must be added to the soil to increase it’s alkalinity.
likened to children, a ‘basic’ is a term used to describe someone with attributes of idiocy, foolishness and child-like behaviour. a ‘basic’ commonly has little to no intelligence, and struggles to break social barriers. a ‘basic’ often reverts to exaggeration and deceit to over come these social barriers and gain a mild sense of acceptance within his/her friendship circles.
mr jones: ‘i love my barbie doll she so poe’

mrs smith: ‘ you are ridiculous, obscene and basic’

mr jones jnr: ‘daddy i want a car and i want it now!’
mr jones snr: ‘shut up you spoilt child, i hate your basic demands’
something that is uninteresting, vapid, boring, or uncool.

a waste of time, energy, or money. the opposite of fun, intrigue, and justice.
that is so basic.

basic cable vs. premium cable

don’t come this party is basic.
1. used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to.

2. lacking intelligence and unable to socialize on even an elementary level.

3. annoyingly frustrating because of the above
oh her? don’t even worry about her, girl. she’s so basic.

i tried to get to know him, but after i spent 10 minutes with him, i realized he was too basic for me to waste time on.

is there anything unique or special about her? i have a feeling she’s pretty basic…

he’s probably the dumbest person on earth. too basic to even carry on a semi-intelligent conversation.

i cannot deal with basic people. i get so frustrated by their basicness!
the first easy-to-use programming language made in the 1960s when microcomputers made their debut. a very easy language to grasp. the language practically paths out commands for a computer to do. it is very capable of performing mathematics which are the main basis for microprocessing.
print “h-llo world!”
goto start
“result – “h-llo world” being typed on the screen in an infinite loop”
noun referring to “basic b-tches.” basic’s are the typical girl that thinks they are cool because they’re artsy, can make a duck face, carry around coffee cups, and where designer brands. you’ll know a basic when you see one.
1: “dude checkout those girls, they’re all wearing the same designer out-t and they’re walking around with empty coffee cups and taking selfie.

2: yeah they’re basic’s

1: werd.

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