basket toss

bc stands for because yw tbh
bc is an abbreviation for the word because. it’s used in msn and in short hand.
“i wasn’t in school today bc i was feeling ill”
b-tch c-nt; bc is the safe acronym of the word b-tch c-nt. bc can be said in public and around those who shy away from the words b-tch and c-nt. if bc is said and you are talking about someone, the people around you will have no clue what bc is referring to.
man 1 – yo, my girl ain’t gave me no head for a week.
man 2- she being a real bc!
(as in “before christ”) term occasionally used in southern california as a synonym for “old school.”
“dat sh-t’s so old-school it’s b.c.!”
british columbia- most western canadian province. also known for it’s fine bc bud.
jeremy went to bc and brought back some bc bud- the finest the world has to offer.
abbreviation for “birth control (pills),” used most commonly by girls.
girl 1: oh sh-t, i forgot to bring my b.c.! this is going to ruin my vacation.
girl 2: don’t worry; we p-ssed a planned parenthood on the way here. they’re bound to have some free b.c. lying around.
bc can stand for b-ttcrack or b-ttcheek you pick.
you’re such a bc!

haha her face looks like a bc
a: you’re a d-ck
b: well you’re a bc

a: kanye west was such a bc at the vma’s
b: yea, that was a bc move.

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