more than a squillion which is equal to a billlion bajillions, a basquillion is basically a bajillion bajillions.
i have seen every episode of seinfeld a basquillion times and i never get tired of them.

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  • Bastard Fish

    b-st-rd fish: a great 2 man band out of st.charles, mo. known for only one song. (i hate my life)it is a ballad about hating ones life. i feel super b-st-rd fish today. that b-tch makes me b-st-rd fish!

  • foolbutt

    politer or more affection form of dumb-ss. little bro: “if i eat poprocks with c-ke will my stomach explode?” big brother, exasperated, ” no, foolb-tt!”

  • Bastard Slap

    when a woman b-tch slaps a man. woman: “is there something called a b-st-rd slap? cause i wanted to do that to the driveway paver tonight. what an -sshole.”

  • snoonin'

    the act of, while spooning your mate, hitting the snooze b-tton repeatedly to gain more quality time. my girl and i were snoonin’ all morning while the alarm clock kept going off.

  • batter up

    just starting to go out with someone…moved up from bench warmer to batter up…then 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc etc… hey guess wut? sarah’s batter up!! a drinking technique: the act of taking three shots in quick succession. usually done by more than one person at a time, for friendly compet-tion. works fast, obviously. if she […]

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