Basting the Turkey

the act of having s-xual intercourse with a woman while she is pregnant and c-ming inside her.
joe: you had s-x with your wife? isn’t she pregnant?
bob: yeah i was really basting the turkey last night.
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(phrase) the act of properly lubricating an elderly woman’s v-g-n- prior to engaging in s-xual intercourse.
fred: what were you doing at that old woman’s house yesterday?
peter: i was basting the turkey, so i could plow her.

carol: was that strapping young man helping you carry groceries yesterday?
maude: because i was so dry, that young man was basting me like a turkey, so he could plow me.
slang for masturbating
girl 1: oh my god last night i walked in and jake was basting the turkey.

girl 2: what did you do?

girl 1: what any good friend would do, i sucked his d-ck.
the art of jerking off, your hand is the turkey like when you used it to draw them in kindergarten, your j-zz is the the baste.
man i didn’t finish my homework because i was basting the turkey, i gotta quit making s-xcuses.
when a man and woman are having s-x and the man then pulls out and -j-c-l-t-s on her and then begins to gobble while he is doing it.
basting the turkey.gobble, gobble, gobble, try to sound realistic!!

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