sotho (def 3).
historical examples

that the numbers slaughtered were very great, the numerous ruins of basuto kraals all over the country testify.
the last boer war h. rider haggard

my advice is that you select as good a pair of basuto ponies as you can obtain.
a dash from diamond city george manville fenn

soon the horses, most of which were small and of the basuto breed, were ready to start.
swallow h. rider haggard

i do not want that, the colony does not, and the queen does not, and no basuto either.
general gordon seton churchill

brabant hugged the basuto border, and swept the land clean of everything hostile.
campaign pictures of the war in south africa (1899-1900) a. g. hales

basuto women often nurse their baby until it is eighteen months old.
basutoland minnie martin

jack put saddles on basuto ponies; put bridles on basuto ponies.
a dash from diamond city george manville fenn

now the christian schools of basuto number thousands of pupils.
stanley in africa james p. boyd

she knew too much about white savages, and she much preferred the real thing—zulu or basuto.
poppy cynthia stockley

a basuto appeared, and, awed by my appearance, went off in a hurry to see to the schimmel.
prester john john buchan

noun (pl) -tos, -to
a former name for sotho (sense 3), sotho (sense 4)

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