baulko is one of the best school in nsw. it has a support unit for disabled children and the students in baulko are extremely kind and thoughtful to them. baulko is a nickname for baulkham hills high school. baulko has a close rivalry to james ruse but ultimately beat them anyway. baulko has won the tri schools tournament against girra and ruse may times.
ruse- man i wish i went to baulko. they have this m-ssive indoor basketball court
baulko- hahahahahahahahaha
ruse- i hate u baulko
baulko- we love u too
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a school in western sydney, nsw australia, that has come consistently in the top 5 in the hsc (similar to sat/a-levels) in the past ten years.

despite the fact that they have never achieved first, they are still stuck the f-ck up, and think that they’re better than their eternal rival james ruse, which is a similarly stuck up but much smarter and better school.

students who attend baulko generally achieve a uai/atar of above 90, with those achieving below this being disowned by the school following the receipt of their final exam scores.

unlike most other schools that don’t suck badly, baulko has a special unit for r-t-rded people, known as the “special education (sped) unit” its existence is moot, however, as everyone in baulko is a sped, not just those in this special unit.
person 1: f-ck man, i made it into baulko
person 2: respect down, mate. didn’t even make it into the top school.

person 1: i gotta study and then play some dota
person 2: f-cking baulko

person 1: i wish our school had a farm so that i could f-ck sheep on it.
person 2: this is why ruse forever owns baulko

person 1: f-ck yeah man baulko pride
person 2: super cool story bro

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