any situation when said person is embarr-ssed or hurt during an activity.
wow, you just got baumfauked

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  • wingging

    when a girl or woman, or a guy, is very ‘happy’ and her b–bs get hard that if you b-mp into someone they can feel it. when she saw garrett she started wingging.

  • Bauwl

    philly slang meaning “friend” or “boy”.somebody that you are cool with. my bauwl jamal got those same jawns.

  • wired deal

    when an organization solicits compet-tive bids for a project, but they manipulate either the requested specifications or the judging criteria such that a pre-determined “winner” was in place all along, this is known as a wired deal. when the wikimedia foundation needed office sp-ce for additional workers in january 2009, even though a compet-tive search […]

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    (v.) to prompt a powerful force of unknown destuctive capabilities into action. hitler awakened a sleeping giant by declaring war on the ussr. j-pan awakened a sleeping giant by bombing pearl harbor.

  • fucktraction

    when attracted to another person only for s-xual reasons. “i have a deep f-cktraction to sara!” “man i’m so f-cktracted to david!”

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