used to show surprise or utter shock, usually yelled, best in telling stories of random happenings also, a city in cameroon (near nigeria)
so i was walking down the street and bazanga some freak totally came out of no where and nearly scared me to death

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  • bazooka hole

    a v-g-n- that looks really munted and loose a.k.a been blown up the girl i went home with last night had a bazooka hole like a head had been shoved in it.

  • bazukte

    a word used to confuse friends guy:wow thats so bazukte. other guy:whats does bazukte mean. guy:dude you are so bazukte.

  • bbpftc

    bareback p-ssy f-ck to completion (c-m inside her). she allows bbpf but she does not allow bbpftc.

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