be back later
i have to go. bbl8r

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  • tomlinball

    a word pittsburgh steelers fans use to convey their hatred and distrust of mike tomlin’s play calling despite the fact of them never actually being involved in football. at any level. ever. why would you call a running play on 3rd and 1? stupid tomlinball

  • brawlerina

    a female that is pr-ne to physical aggression and intimidation to the point that she can make the -ssault look almost artistic and almost effortless. her face went straight expressionless then brawlerina unleashed a fury of nails, high pitched squelches, and voodoo magic, by the time the cops got there two were dead and she […]

  • jordan rain

    prost-tute who will work for -n-l. “man i wish i had a jordan rain”

  • shirkslog

    a person that always seems to get out of work. a person that is very good at avoiding work, not showing up for work, works a lot from home(when they work form home they don’t really do any work). somehow they always manage to keep their job and most typically work in management. they are […]

  • politics and chill

    when you go over a partners house to have s-x and politics is playing in the background “hey you want to politics and chill” “what can i do” “anything you like just make sure it’s legal we got donald trump watching”

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