in short, a bdonktadonk is the extremely attractive -ss of a hot girl. bdonktadonks are usually seen in clubs, in bars, at the beach, at the gym, strip clubs, sporting events, or sometimes in the office(if you’re lucky). they are usually covered by short skirts, tight pants, spandex, bikini bottoms, panties, thongs, or sometimes nothing at all. they always look like a nice, round, plump, juicy, ripe -ss that makes a man stare at it and think to himself, “d-mn! that girl’s got a fine -ss!”
other terms used for a bdonktadonk include: junk in the trunk, booty, -ss, what you put your mug on, saddle up and ride, or baby got back.
j-lo’s -ss is the ideal picture of a bdonktadonk.

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