beaded curtain

when a guy -j-c-l-t-s on a girl’s forehead in such a manner that it drips off her eyebrows, hangs in front of her eyes, and falls down onto her cheeks. so named because the streams and bubbles look like the beads on a beaded curtain.
my girlfriend gave me the best bl-w j-b last night, but she wouldn’t swallow so i gave her a beaded curtain.
multiple piercings on the female genitals, specifically on the l-b– minora (aka the “beef curtains”).
dude, that chick i picked up at the club last night had so many piercings, her beef curtains looked like beaded curtains.
refers to a series of l-b– piercings.
man, that chick’s crazy. she has beaded curtains!
as mentioned on late late show with craig ferguson. episode 2996, 28 june 2011

bead is the -j-c-l-t–n c-m of a male.

curtain is to obstruction of view

is when a man deposits his -j-c-l-t–n in a in a horizontal fashion across the eye lashes of a s-x partner
is when a man deposits his -j-c-l-t–n in a in a horizontal fashion across the eye lashes of a s-x partner.

i’m gonna give you a beadedcurtain!

i just came all over your face hows that for a beadedcurtain.
a s-xual innuendo-laced phrase coined by the late late show’s craig ferguson meant to send censors scrambling for a definition.

in an attempt to legitimize ferguson’s not-as-of-yet-dirty phrase, a suggested definition for a beaded curtain is a pierced l-b–.
be careful when entering through a beaded curtain.
the act of stimulating a partner to -rg-sm using only friction from braided pubic hair.
i went to maryland once, i got a beaded curtain.
a phrase intimated as a possible double entendre by craig ferguson during the email segment on the june 28, 2011 late late show
do you enjoy a beaded curtain, geoff?

go ahead censors, look it up, we’ll wait.

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