Beany Cheese

when you add too much cheese to your beans you will almost be able to turn them upside
down without them falling to the floor.
at this point there is more cheese than beans and so your cheesy beans have become beany cheese.

although beany cheese is rarely intentional, it is often desirable.
“i told you to make cheesy beans not beany cheese!”
“i’m sorry master!”
“shut up and give me a slice.”
an insult where chavs do not understand a word you say but still think that they are better than you i.e starting on you, kickin bread at you, farting ect ect. or a random thing that can make a select few cry with laughter in the right place and the right time. it can also infuriate and aggrivate almost everyone else who doesnt find it funny. chavs are gay. they have sweaty b-m fun listenin to usher and r n b cr-p. chavs have no n-bs. chavvettes have n-bs. they are gay.
chav: -oi pr-ck u wana get smacked up-
you – bean!-

beany beany cheese!
-you getting slapped-

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