Bear Trap

slang term for a female to male transs-xual who has undergone a near complete medical gender re-ssignment, but still has a v-g-n- instead of opting for a phalloplasty.
lucy thought she had a totally cute, totally buff and dreamy guy, but when she brought him home and the pants came off, it turned out nick was a bear trap.
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when performing 69 for a girl, the man sneezes thereby startling the girl who bites down on the defenseless w-ng as a reflex.
james knew better than to do 69 with jen with his cold, but after 7 st-tches and 5 weeks of painful peeing, he learned his lesson.
a b-tch with braces.
when a b-tch with braces sucks ur c-ck its like puttin your c-ck in a bear trap.
a s-xual act in which a male double fish hooks a female’s b-tt hole, and while spreading it open to the maximum gape, the man lowers one t-st-cl- into the cavernous sphincter. when the t-st-cl- is in place, release the hooks and the sphincter clamps down onto the sack like a bear trap.
in order to reach climax, i utilized the bear trap technique with my girlfriend.
when a man places his b-lls inside the -n-s of another person. the pressure around then simulates the sensation of a bear trap around ones b-lls.
i hooked up with this sl-t and she totally got me in a bear trap. my b-lls still hurt.
verb: to give someone a m-ssive amount of hickeys along their neck…the marks left look like someone fell into one.
one night, this girl and a guy got really hot and heavy and he totally beartrapped her because she’s got a ring of hickeys around her neck.
a woman who wears braces.
d-mn that beartrap kasie made me bleed…what a b-tch.
taking a beer bottle cap, slightly bending it like a taco then position it in your hand between your thumb and pointer finger. wait for an unsuspecting victim to walk by and without warning, pinch the cap the rest of the way closed on the victims nipple while screaming ” watch out for that bear trap!”

t-ttie twister
sam: why is clint crying so hard?

jerm2: i just got him with a knarly bear trap when he walked out of the bathroom

sam: looks crutial !

jerm2: yea it should stop bleeding soon, i hope…

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