having delicious, optimal s-x with your lover.
the last round of bedsport left me quaking.
i just had s-x with a steven.

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  • beef-eaten

    to have consumed one two many beverages containing beefeater gin “if i drank as many f-ck-ng beefeaters as j.b. i’d be pretty f-ck-n beef-eaten.” (slurred)

  • beep beep beep

    a statement used to let someone know that they’ve said something that is undesirable to your hearing. “beep beep beep” is the sound that a cell phone makes when someone hangs up on you. steve: i like to walk around the house naked all the time. me: beep beep beep.

  • beer n*z*

    1. a person who forces others to follow some arbeitrary rule in return for precious beer. 2. staff who will not serve beer for a reason considered stupid by the customer. 3. a beer purist who has an exact definition for what beer ought to be. anything that does not meet the beer n-z-‘s exact […]

  • beer batter

    a s-xual act where someone is c-ck slapped whilst simultaneously being urinated on. “i love a good old beer batter but my girlfriend isn’t up for it.”

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    benjamas are a unique line of dance attire that is often made to order for the most perfect look and fit. currently made of fleeces for warmups and nylons for tights/shorts, and some street skirts made of courdoroy. made to order with the owner himself, making sure you look and feel your best when you […]

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