1. is the mexican slang for a fellow friend or dumb-ss.
2. a beechote usually stays over at a friends house after school raiding their refrigerator, or forcefully coercing that friend’s mother to order pizza.
3. beechotes are compet-tive at times, and only the greatest, or greater beechote can be claimed dumb-ss of the year. for accomplishing a feat say; nearly losing all the skin on one’s knees while mindlessly frolicking about, getting into it with a native american’s girlfriend and being hunted like a wild buffalo, creating a repulsive stench-bearing pineapple bomb out of rotting milk, bad boiled eggs, and left-over lunch.
4. when confronting a beechote think it best not to tempt the beechote, use your peripherals in order to avoid contact. as they might ask you to the movies several times, even though you’ve declined several times.
5. beechotes favor movies like the terminator, predator, zoolander, or a night at the roxbury.
6. a beechote could also be known as a term that could explain a raging nerd, one that plays solely for their own ranking in online gaming. in which case, survives and relies heavily on p’zones or other pizza hut-related products.
mikey: “you guys want to see something totally so tight?!”
felipe: “sure.”
ricardo: “oh, okay.”

(mikey throws a full chocolate milk carton into the air, and as it crashes the ground, sprays over all of his friend’s backpacks)

felipe: “what a beechote. i’m gonna go home and play with my tw-nger.”

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