beef pit

another word for v-g-n-…
he put his p-n-s in to my well greased beef pit.

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  • beef rocket

    a p-n-s. “did you nail her?” “did i not, she so sat on my beef rocket!” “ha ha, cheap wh-r-!”

  • beef triangle

    the image projected from behind by a woman who is wearing a badly fitting pair of jeans, resulting in “points” to the left and right just below her -ss, of where cheek becomes thigh – the whole effect is sometimes not entirely displeasing to the eye, but more often is… luisa has a beef triangle […]

  • beeologist

    one who studies bee’s you: “do bee’s bleed?” friend: “why don’t you ask a beeologist?” beeologist: “they do not have red blood like us, they have the equivalent of blood though. since they don’t have blood pressure they do not in fact bleed.”

  • beerienteering

    a pub crawl where a series of pubs must be visited in order based on clues and other navigational information. consumption of beer at each venue is usually compulsory. etymology: contraction of beer + orienteering. “we got lashed beerienteering last night.”

  • beer j*zz

    that foam that sprays out the top of your beer can after its been shaken too much. it covers the top and is just nasty to get on you aww man, noah spilled that nasty beer j-zz on me…i’m gonna smell like beer for a week

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